1- Blockchain & Industries
a- How is Blockchain Changing The Capital markets & Banking industry?
b- Blockchain & govermment industry , insurance industry , & NGOs ,

c - Blockchain: Opportunities for Healthcare

2- Blockchain

a- The BlockChain Revolution: Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds, ICOs & Artificial Intelligence

b- Is Bitcoin a Fraud?

c- Why are the Best Minds in the World Working on Blockchain?

3- Fintech

a- How is Fintech Changing The Capital markets & Banking industry?

b- Fintech trends in the financial service industry.

c- Laws, Rules, Regulations & Compliance

4- Cryptocurrency

a- The Future of Cryptocurrency

b- Crypto Bank of Institutional Investors

c- When Crypto and Securities Collide
d-Regulatory Landscape of Cryptocurrency

e- Cryptocurrency trading challenges and inspiring Including (bit coin, lite coin, ethereal and more)

5- Roundtable Discussion, Blockchain, Fintech ,Cryptocurrency