Khaled Jabasini

Khaled Jabasini

Khaled Jabasini

Serial Entrepreneur, E-commerce Digital Marketing & Blockchain  Consultant

Khaled Jabasini, is one of the people who helped Online Advertising and Content Marketing to grow many folds in the Middle East and North Africa in the recent internet years till 2004.

After working with leading portal & email provider Maktoob.com acquired by “Yahoo!” in 2009, Khaled Jabasini founded his own company in year 2005 in “Dubai” and became the CEO of E-Marketing MENA.

E-Marketing MENA was the biggest “online advertising network” representing the online advertising sales of more than 100+ online publishers additional to Facebook Ads, reaching an audience of 39 million unique users/month and delivering 1.4 billion display banner impressions/month.

E-marketing MENA was acquired by the Venture Capital, Jabbar Internet Group www.Jabbar.com in 2009.

After the acquisition and in 2011, Khaled had founded and managed the first global “Email Marketing Network” www.emailciti.com which considered the largest digital content distribution and email marketing company till today, reaching an audience of 60 Million online users by email,  focusing on behavioural targeting with a mix of social sharing using best technology IBM / Silver Pop.