Dr. Iman Ghossain

Dr. Iman Ghossain

Ambassador of Development and Business in the Arab World.


  • International Consultant

- Ambassador of Peace from Samboda International

- Director of the Office of Lebanon Arab dream site

- Director of Lebanon Office

- Director of the Bureau of Lebanon and Asia News Agency

- An activist in women's affairs in the Arab world

- Ambassador of Arab Women for International Development

- President of the Development Council for Women and Business

- Head of Lebanon Office for the Global Group

- Organizing conferences and exhibitions and establishing workshops and training

  • International relations

- Director of Lebanon Office. Kingdom's Media and Advertising Suites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2015

- Member of the Emirates Businesswomen Council from 2008

- Member of the German-Arab Chamber of Industry

  • In Germany

- Director of Lebanon Office for the Redent Group

- Director of the Greek Employment Office Arab Creators "Egypt"

- Director of the Office of Lebanon Arab dream site "Egypt

- Director of the Bureau of Lebanon and Asia News Agency "Egypt

- President of the Forum of Perseverance to Support Women in the Middle East 2016 "First Forum held in Baghdad"

- President of the International Forum on Sustainable Development in Beirut 2017

- President of the Second International Conference Strategic Planning for Development Management Beirut 2018

- A strategic partner for several Arab and Arab conferences

- Data Controller in Financial Institutions

- She holds an honorary doctorate in mental health from the International Academy 2016.

- She holds a doctor in human development.

- She holds a master's degree in business administration

- She has won several awards in the world of entrepreneurship

- The Order of the Green Emerald of the Knights of the Jordan Hashemite Kingdom

- Human Development Coach tot

- Honorary Doctorate in International Human Development

- Honorary Ambassador for Women and International Peace

- Goodwill Ambassador of the Association of Goodwill Ambassadors in Germany

- She have received many decorations from many Arab and regional organizations

- Member of the Union of Arab Media

- She has participated in many local and Arab conferences in the United States of America, Sudan, Kuwait, Syria, Italy, Libya, Turkey, Iraq ..


World Medalist.

Including the title "Lady of the Earth"

Lady of the East

She have been everywhere in the world, everywhere, in ...

We work for human beings

We work to build the future of women