Eloisa Marchesoni, the youngest ICO, IEO and STO Advisor in the crypto scene at the moment, as well as an influential Article Author for ICObench and some of the most important websites (www.blockchainflashnews.com, www.irishtechnews.ie, etc.) and Blockchain Evangelist. 

She is Europe's # 1 Token Model Architect and Due Diligence Expert, as stated in many articles on the web. She is partner in business with the top European ICO, STO Advisors on ICObench (Giacomo Arcaro and Giovanni Casagrande). she herself started out as a startupper for an AI and IT company, based on blockchain technology applied to public infrastructure.

 She is member of three blockchain associations, among which is The Blockchain Council, and listed in the IMMO High1000 as one of the most influential blockchain-related figures. Among other things, I have organized a private pre-sale of 1 million USD for tokens previously issued by a business that had launched a large-scale ICO. She sensed the upcoming acquisition of such a business by the so-called "unicorn," and was able to function as a trusted middlewoman for both the buyers and the sellers, much like in an OTC market.

Also, as young as when She was 18 years old, She have organized the first ever private event on crypto with accredited speakers in Milan. It was privately held by the Kairos Society, which holds a VC fund and connects the future leaders and most bright minds in the innovation field. She would like to add that She have a community of over 150,000 blockchain enthusiasts and crypto investors (as well as business angels and venture capitalists for projects not involving tokens).