Why Jordan?

Why Jordan





Reasons to invest in Jordan


Several reasons motivate investors to invest in Jordan, to include but not limited to the following:

1) Security and Political Stability

Decades of political stability and security ranking Jordan as one of the top 10 countries in security worldwide. Jordan has good relations with all its neighbors. It has maintained continuous stability, moderation and security in a region prone to potential volatility. Jordan is a fourth generation monarchy with consistent and continuous foreign and internal policies, a democratically elected Parliament and a visionary leader dedicated to progressive reforms of political, economical, fiscal, legal and social significance.

2) Unique and Strategic Location

Strategic Location and Central Market Access to One Billion Consumers. Jordan is well situated as a regional entry point, being well connected to neighboring countries and global markets through modern transportation and communication networks. Jordan’s location allows for diversification and expansion into increasingly affluent markets. Trade agreements give Jordan access to a market of more than one billion consumers.

3) Sound Macro Economy

Growing and Robust Economy.

Jordan’s macro-economic fundamentals are sound and leading indicators point to continuing growth and development over the next several years. Careful planning and policy reforms, a strong economy, and the creation of ideal conditions ripe for business investment have led to a surge in foreign investment in Jordan.

4) Modern Infrastructure and Globally Connected Country

Our infrastructure is set up for people, goods and ideas. Jordan’s modern infrastructure helps businesses navigate the world more quickly and comfortably, and move their products and services into markets with ease.

5) Qualified and Talented Workforce

From executives to skilled laborers, Jordan educates for the 21st century. Whether you are looking to outsource or locate labor in-country, Jordan’s human capital will help your money work better for you. Our training investments in the high-tech, manufacturing and service sectors add value to the economy, while labor costs remain the most competitive in the Middle East.

6) Favorable Business Environment

Jordan is a free market oriented economy, with outward-oriented economic policies and a private sector led approach to business development. Jordan experienced an ongoing privatization of major state-owned enterprises and implemented significant advances in structural and legal reform.

7) Jordan Offers the Good Life

Investing and doing business in Jordan is simple and straightforward. But we know that life is more than simply work. Jordan offers a diverse, tolerant, and family friendly environment with all the conveniences of the 21st century.